Styrofoam Wordings

Styrofoam Wordings

Custom Styrofoam /Polystyrene Wordings

Hotwire Cut 3D Polystyrene Wordings. Select from our huge range of Fonts, Sizes, Colours and styles.  Ideal for your decoration, business exterior or interior, and they look great at event and exhibitions.

Great for Many occasions

Celebration Signs

Planning a special celebration and want to add that something extra to enhance the decor? Our low cost 3D signs may be what you need.

We offer painted polystyrene characters in a set font type and size at a very affordable price in words of your choice.

Polystyrene letters and logos are ideal for: 
exhibitions, photo shoots, props, events, instore display, out door sign use, Engagements, Weddings, 21st Birthdays and other Theme Birthday Celebrations.

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